Forsinkelse & Interface moduler

Expansion, delay and coupling modules from DOLD allow for cost-effective contact multiplication as well as for the specific shut-down or switching of functions.
Interface moduler
Coupling modules from DOLD are constructed with forcibly guided contacts a per EN 50205. The forcibly guided opener allows the monitoring of the closing contacts. As a ling between logic and load, they are used for the switching of safety-oriented functions. DOLD coupling modules are also used in the set up of self-monitoring safety switches. They are also the devices of choice for the adjustment of the control and power level as well as for the switching of safety-oriented functions.
Udvidelses moduler
With the expansion modules from DOLD, you can simply multiply the output contacts of the basic modules in order to be able to deactivate any number of control circuits safely. These are compact switching devices with forcibly guided safety relays that are controlled by the respective function module (basic module) and monitored via a return circuit. A cost-effective contact multiplication is made possible through the division into multiple control circuits.
Forsinkelses moduler
Delay modules from DOLD allow the specific shut-down of the drives which reduces the risk of injury. A typical area of use are high-speed tools that continue to move after shut-down. Productivity is not affected as the machine can be immediately started again. The emergency stop of the dangerous movement can be accelerated through a specific shut-down in accordance with stop category 1 by allowing motor braking functions to be applied during the switch-off delay and/or the speed of the drive can be regulated.