Trådløst sikkerheds system

The Wireless Safety System from DOLD in the SAFEMASTER W family allows the safe operation and shut-down of systems with hazardous areas, such as in automatic operation (e.g. troubleshooting, lubrication, calibration work) or in set up operation (e.g. putting into service, machine settings, maintenance). The high availability of your machines and systems is only one of many advantages of this solution. The Wireless Safety wins points with its wear- and maintenance-free radio technology, the flexible and mobile use and a high degree of user-friendliness.
Trådløs tilkoblings switch
Sometimes, people must enter into the hazardous areas of running machines or systems in order to calibrate the machine or remedy a problem. The wireless enable switch SAFEMASTER W is the ideal companion for your safety in such situations. It switches off any dangerous movements in just a fraction of a second. SAFEMASTER W consists of a lightweight, ultra-compact hand-held transmitter and a radio safety switch with safety-oriented outputs. The signal transmission via radio and/or infra-red ensures that only systems in the field of vision of the hand-held transmitter can be activated.
Trådløst nødstop
The wireless safety system SAFEMASTER W is a mobile, flexible and secure system for the emergency stop as well as control functions. The wireless is in accordance with PL e as per DIN EN ISO 13849-1 as well as safety category 4 as per DIN EN 954-1. SAFEMASTER W demonstrates it special strengths in mobile applications as well as in extensive or complex systems with hazardous areas. Examples for use are the configuration of machines or troubleshooting and/or maintenance work on machines in automatic operation. The device distinguishes itself by a large degree of user-friendliness and good ergonomics.
Radio kontrolleret sikkerheds system
The safety approved, bidirectional SAFEMASTER W series radio controlled safety module UH 6900, is for the transmission of safety inputs such as E-stop and conventional control functions and offers great flexibility for the protection of hazardous areas. By implementing the latest radio controlled technologies, a high degree of availability, a wide range, and safety is achieved. Two safety zones can easily be connected wirelessly over a considerable distance. The main application areas include applications covering large areas and mobile applications such as fully automated conveyor systems and driverless transport systems. Simple and inexpensive retrofitting of existing safety systems can also be achieved wirelessly with this system.