Magnetiske bånd

The original MagLine magnetic tape, incremental or absolute
The original MagLine magnetic tape is a flexible scale for recording distance or angle information. The magnetic tape is available in incremental or absolute design. It consists of a magnetically encoded plastic tape permanently stuck onto a steel carrier strip.
Produkt typePol længdeProdukt gruppe, nøjagtigheds klasseMax.
Magnetbånd MB100/11 mmMagLine Micro,
0.01 mm
0.05 mm
4 m
100 m
MS100/1, MSK1000, MSK1100
Magnetbånd MB200/12 mmMagLine Basic,
0.05 mm
100 mMSK210
Magnetbånd 320/13.2 mmMagLine Basic,
0.1 mm
100 mMSK320
Magnetbånd MB4004 mmMagLine Macro,
1 mm
100 mMSK400/1
Magnetbånd MB500/15 mmMagLine Basic,
0.1 and 0.05 mm
100 mMS500, MSK500/1, MSK5000, MSK5100, ASA510H
Magnetbånd MB200020 mmMagLine Macro,
1 mm
100 mMSK2000
Magnetbånd MB400040 mmMagLine Macro100 mMSK4000
Magnetbånd MBAabsolute encodedMagLine Basic,
±50 µm
5 mMSA, MSA510/1
Magnetbånd MBA110/1absolute encodedMagLine Micro,
4 mASA110H
Magnetbånd MBA111absolute encodedMagLine Micro,
±10 µm
4 mMSA111C
Magnetbånd MBA501absolute encodedMagLine Basic,
±25 µm
10.24 mMSA501
Magnetbånd MBA511absolute encodedMagLine Basic,
±100 µm
20 mMSA511
Encoding of magnetic length measurement technology and magnetic angle measurement technology
The magnetic strips (flexible steel strips with a magnetic coating) are made by SIKO with precision and the greatest possible care. In specially developed processes the magnetic strip system are given one or more magnetic code tracks.

Magnetic incremental measurement as an economic solution
Incremental encoding enables robust and economical all-round solutions in which, for example, the flexible magnetic strips can be cut to length before self-adhesive assembly. The magnetic strip is regularly encoded with north and south poles. The pole length is decisive for the maximum resolution and system accuracy. The shorter the distance between the individual poles, the higher the accuracy of the respective magnetic strip.

Absolute magnetic measurement for high measurement reliability
The absolute encoding of the strip material produces system properties with particularly high reproducibility and measuring accuracy. Equipped with the corresponding magnetic sensors, the absolute magnetic measurement permits position detection even in a non-energized condition. After current interruption, e.g. when the system has been powered down and switched on again, the actual position value is still detected and implemented even if the sensor position has changed.

Simple installation of the magnetic length measurement equipment and magnetic angle measuring equipment.
The magnetic length measurement systems and the magnetic angle measurement system of the "MagLine" series can be fitted directly on the positioning process and therefore prevent measuring errors that result, for example, from gear backlash or spindle tolerances.

The reading distance between the magnetic sensor and the magnetic strip can be much more generous than with an optical system, for example. In addition it is not a problem if the distance throughout the measuring range varies within the defined limits (e.g. due to height irregularities or imprecise guides). Accuracy and reproducibility of the position values are not affected.