Drejegreb m. display

Quickly positioned by hand
SIKO control knobs - the combination of position indicator and the rotary knob operating element in an innovative product designed for spindle positioning.
Produkt typeDiameter i mmDisplay modemateriale
Kontrol greb DK0114 mmmechanical digitalPlastik
Kontrolgreb DK0214 mmmechanical digitalPlastik
Kontrol greb DK0314 mmanalogPlastik
Kontrol greb DK048 mmmechanical digitalPlastik
Kontrol greb DK0510 mmmechanical digitalPlastik
Kontrol greb DKA0210 mmanalogPlastik
Elektronisk kontrol greb DKE0120 mmelectronisk digitalPlastik
Compact control knobs enable precise positioning
Since their market launch a few years ago, mechanical control knobs from SIKO (called DKs) with their integrated measuring system have been successfully conquering many new areas. Why? The answer is at your fingertips, because DKs are filigree control knobs suitable for industrial use with a well thought through combination of a Handwheel and mechanical digital position indicator.

SIKO control knobs are the ideal solution for confined space conditions
The regulators from the DK range can be used for applications where multiple axial rotations are needed in tight spaces. The handy control knobs show their direct effect on the installed mechanical displays with just the least deviation. This is because despite their small external dimensions, all SIKO control knobs have a full-scale reduction gear. It is this gear technology that allows the extremely high-resolution recording and precise display of absolute adjustment figures directly at the measuring point.

Easy installation of the control knobs
Assembly is also a piece of cake: simply attach, lock – and you’re done. Just one small drilled hole is all that is needed to mount the torque support. The tried-and-tested SIKO gear technology allows for installation in almost any location.

SIKO control knobs are a simple and economic solution
The innovative concept of the DK range is inspiring the field of mechanical engineering to come up with particularly compact, ergonomic and above all reasonably priced solutions. Users are benefiting from the development experiences in the two competence areas of handwheel technology and mechanical displays (DA) that combine to form this product group.

SIKO control knobs are ideally suited for process technology applications
Control knobs from the DK range are versatile series products that facilitate a large number of other display values in addition to standard values. For example, their suitability for industrial use is reflected in process engineering, which requires high precision in valve adjustment for numerous metering tasks. Many of the control knobs available on the market are not suited to this purpose because they cannot achieve the level of precision and reproducibility needed. SIKO’s control knobs meet both of these criteria with flying colors and are even able to visualize non-linear adjustment processes.

Long service life thanks to consistent further development of the technology and application-oriented selection of materials
Very good price-performance ratio
Clear and precisely controllable digital or analog display values
Modifiable displays thanks to custom-made transformation ratios
Any mounting position
Cost-efficient retrofittability
Easy mounting thanks to hollow shaft snap-on technique
Special scales for analog knobs