SIKO clamping elements permit secure machine settings by gripping and clamping
Manual and pneumatic clamping plates to lock spindles and adjustment axes.
Produkt typeKlemme funktionMax.
'aksel' i mm
Indikator matchMateriale
Klemplade KP04manual14 mm DA04Anioseret aluminium
Klemplade KPL04manual14 mm DA04Trykstøbt zink
Klemplade KPE04manual20 mmDE04, AP04Anioseret aluminium
KP09manual20 mmDA09SAnioseret aluminium
KPL09manual20 mmDA09STrykstøbt zink
Pneumatisk klemplade KP09Ppneumatic30 mmDA09STrykstøbt zink
Safe locking of the machine setting by means of clamping plates
For a format change on production machines, spindles are set to suitable figures using mechanical or electronic position indicators from SIKO. To ensure fault-free production, it is advisable to secure these position values by means of a clamping device. This prevents unwanted movement of the spindle from its position due to vibration, external forces or simply incorrect operation by the machine operator. To this purpose the product range PositionLine: Position indicators offers different machine elements that are optimally designed for the respective application.

Manual clamping plates are economical and offer a wide field of applications
Manual clamping plates serve for direct locking of the position directly after manual adjustment. The outer contour of the various models is optimally designed for the electronic and mechanical SIKO spindle position indicators. Irrespective of whether a mechanical digital SIKO counter of the DA range, a freely programmable, electronic position indicator of the DE range or a bus-compatible digital indicator AP04 is used. The form is maintained by a corresponding outer contour design.

Clamping levers with variable positions
On the manual clamping elements of the KP range the position of the clamping lever can often be variably selected. This permits constructional integration and subsequent practical accessibility, even if space is restricted.

Pneumatic clamping plates lock at command
The pneumatic clamping plate KP09P permits convenient and also reliable locking of all adjustment axes of a machine. The clamping plates are pneumatically actuated by pressing a button on the control system and then fix the spindles in their position with a holding torque of up to 3 Nm.

Clamping plate in solo action
Adapted to the contour of the track-proven SIKO counter, DA09S the combined use of a spindle position indicator and pneumatic clamping plate is an ideal solution. The compact and robust design of the clamping plate also permits use as a separate clamping element to lock any type of rotating adjustment axes on a machine.

Enhanced process safety owing to stable clamping
Reliable prevention of vibration
Robust metal design
Outer contour adjusted to SIKO position indicators